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Creating sustainable wealth

Since 2003, the Bankinter Innovation Foundation has been working to transform society through innovation. The Foundation is aligned with the purpose of Bankinter. We nurture our ecosystem through four key areas:

  • Future Trends Forum

    Knowledge: through our Future Trends Forum think tank and aided by the best worldwide experts, we seek to create value by anticipating the innovation trends that will change our future.

  • Startups

    Entrepreneurship: our Startups program enables us to support and invest in high potential startups, together with Bankinter Venture Capital. Our Startup Observatory enables entrepreneurs and investors to make better decisions.

  • Akademia

    Education: we take innovation to universities and businesses through our training program Akademia.

  • Cre100do

    Business:  the Cre100do Foundation boosts the competitiveness, productivity, and internationalization of Spanish mid-cap companies.

Our team

  • Mª Teresa Jiménez

    Mª Teresa Jiménez

    in Fundación Innovación Bankinter
  • Marce Cancho

    Marce Cancho

    Future Trends Forum
    in Fundación Innovación Bankinter
  • Carmen Nestares

    Carmen Nestares

    in Fundación Innovación Bankinter
  • Raquel Puente

    Raquel Puente

    in Fundación Innovación Bankinter
  • Juan Moreno Bau

    Juan Moreno Bau

    Managing director
    in Fundacion Innovación Bankinter
  • Nerea Igoa

    Nerea Igoa

    Future Trends Forum
    in Fundación Innovación Bankinter
  • José Carlos Huerta

    José Carlos Huerta

    in Fundación Innovación Bankinter
  • Javier Megias

    Javier Megias

    in Fundación Innovación Bankinter

Información gobierno corporativo

  • Statutes


    The Innovation Bankinter Foundation is a non-profit organization whose patrimony is permanently assigned to the realization of the general interest purposes detailed in these Statutes.(Spanish)

  • Annual Report

    Annual Report

    The Bankinter Innovation Foundation reflects its annual development in these reports of activities.

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  • Economic Data

    Economic Data

    The Innovation Bankinter Foundation publishes part of its economic information as an exercise of transparency.

  • Evaluation


    The Innovation Bankinter Foundation will publish the scoreboard for evaluating its activities.


Our Board of Trustees

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Our Board of Trustees is independent and brings together 22 of the most innovative minds at an international level that come from the business sector, from the highest level of entrepreneurs to the public and academic sectors.

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