Foundation Akademia Faculty Javier Sastre Martín
Javier Sastre Martín

Javier Sastre Martín

Partner & Director in Sastre&Asociados

Javier Sastre is "business doctor", as he says. Through innovation, it is in charge of helping companies to improve their competitiveness and to be leaders in their markets. He has carried out many projects in various sectors, being an international consultant in ICEX and in the Chamber of Commerce of Spain.

Graduated in Economics in 1993 and after studying General Management of Companies in ESADE in 2001, Javier has worked as professor in several Spanish universities like Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Also he has worked in Santander bank impelling formative programs for young people.

He is currently the director of Sastre & Asociados where he leads permanent consulting projects.

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