Akademia 2019

You Akademia

Akademia Project is a course on innovation, where you will get to know first hand the key future trends to innovate and generate value. You can share your business idea and develop a common project with your colleagues. The course lasts one year, in which you will learn through different sessions a new way of facing challenges, working in teams and assessing the different.

Akademia Project translates all the knowledge generated in the Future Trends Forum, Spain's first Think Tank of science and technology, through keynote and practical sessions aimed at boosting knowledge in innovation and entrepreneurship.

What does Akademia Project offer?

- The best cases of innovation counted by international experts of first level.

- A different and innovative methodology.

- Contact with the best professionals in each sector, entrepreneurs and experts.

- Students with different profiles and different ages.

- The possibility of doing internships at partner companies at the end of the course.

Who is it aimed at?

Akademia is made up of students from the last years of their career, postgraduate courses from the best universities in Spain and Portugal and selected Bankinter employees.

What content do the sessions have?

Through different sessions you will know future trends in innovation, digital technologies, non-digital technologies and the market. The content to be used, is a unique content created from the FTF publications made by our experts.

In turn, you will have to develop a project about an innovative idea with your colleagues. You will work in multidisciplinary teams with the objective of creating a prototype that you will have to defend at the end of the course before a jury formed by entrepreneurs, potential investors and experts of the cloister.

What methodology does the Akademia Project follow?

The course follows a different methodology, multidisciplinary and participatory aimed at knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship. With the realization of the project you will learn to work as a team, to develop an innovative idea and to know your innovative profile.

The innovation methodology used in the development of the project will be divided into 7 phases, starting with several ideas that finally and after several filtrates will constitute the prototype to be presented. This innovation methodology is used in large companies and start-ups for the creation and development of an innovative idea.

Do you want to participate in the Program?

We are looking for people with passion, willingness to collaborate, work as a team, and committed. We offer you a course of enormous value for your future, a unique opportunity to start thinking differently.

As in real life, you will participate in a group composed of very different profiles and different points of view. You will work on a business idea that will be presented in the closing session and there will be enkuenters with entrepreneurs where they will share their experience, advice and tools for your idea of business.

Our Akademia Project students support us, with a recommendation rate higher than 94%. Do not think about it any more, sign up, because space is limited.