Mature Markets Insights

Rick Adler, offers a speech on mature market insights, or how we see the mature markets, things we believe, and how it should be seen, with some facts about our population, making a comparison between myths that our society has about mature society and reality. In the first part of his speech, he mentions some facts about the U.S. growing population, what he calls explosive growth, where he also explains the growth of the living expectations. This mature market may be interesting due to the big expenses they make in travelling, drugs, toys or trucks. It can also be seen that the most influenced people in society are aged people and there is a need to design new products and services to meet the demand of this emerging market and at the same time, understand this need. To sum up, we need to redefine the target, understanding their life stage, life experiences, lifestyle and physiology. Retirement has adopted a new definition, where people take new roles and even second careers. After analyzing all these issues it is necessary to build new products and services, giving a main role to building an emotional connection.