Cybersecurity - Bilbao

A new digital age clears the way with growing threats to global security. Cybercrime is becoming more and more sophisticated, new computer capabilities make cyberattacks more numerous, massive and dangerous. The new cybersecurity should be present in our day to day, any citizen wakes up more attractive than you can imagine among cybercriminals.

We invite you to learn from the hand of our experts the main challenges to take into account:


José Luis del Val, Professor of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto,
Fernando Vega, Director of Information Security, Bankinter Global Services
Isaac Gutierrez, Global Director of Cybersecurity, Prosegur

  • Date and time

    02 from November 2016 00:08h
  • Location

    Sala Ellacuría CRAI - Library of the University of Deusto Ramón Rubial Kalea,1 Bilbao