Amadeo Jensana

Amadeo Jensana

Director for Economic and Cooperation Programs in Casa Asia Barcelona

Amadeo Jensana is the Director for Economic and Cooperation Programs for Casa Asia Barcelona. He was preoviously the Director of the Business Cycle of the Casa Asia (Madrid) and the person responsible for the financial department.

Previously he worked for 9 years in Asia in the Centre of Industrial technology Development (CDTI), which is part of the Spanish Ministry for Science and Technology.

He also previously worked in the Japanese Company KAO CORPORATION and with EBAME, a lawyer firm, always focusing on bilateral relationships between Spain and Asia.

Amadeo Jensana was born on the 25 of June 1969. He is a Law graduate of the University Collage ABAD OLIBA and the Central University of Barcelona. He has also studied corporate strategy, foreign trade and Mergers and acquisitions in the International University of Japan.

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