Andrei Marcu

Andrei Marcu

Senior advisor in Centro de Estudios Políticos Europeos

Andrei Marcu provides strategic advice to clients seeking to undertake policies and activities to mitigate climate change risks, particularly those which are involved in or are considering involvement with emissions trading markets. He assists clients in understanding national and international regulatory developments, drawing on his many years of experience in dealing with the complex issues they raise. Where emissions trading deals are being contemplated or implemented, Andrei brings to each transaction an in-depth understanding of the realities of the greenhouse gas (GHG) market, its participants and its mechanisms, assisting Canadian and multinational businesses in profiting from their participation while avoiding the many pitfalls and traps.

Prior to joining Bennett Jones, Andrei was CEO of BlueNext, an international carbon emission allowances and credits exchange. He joined BlueNext after seven years as president and CEO of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), where he promoted the mitigation of climate change through the establishment of GHG markets.

Andrei is a member of the IETA Board and the McGill Society of Toronto. He is fluent in English and French. 

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