Annabel Dodd

Annabel Dodd

Principal in Dodd on the Line

She consultes widely with major corporations and institutions, provide seminars worldwide on telecommunications, and is the author of The Essential Guide to Telecommunications, a non-technical guide to wireless and landline networks. She is a recognized authority on telecommunications and provide expert witness consultation in litigation involving telecommunications issues. In addition, She advises clients on the selection and implementation of network services and telephone systems.

Working with end-user clients gives her a unique perspective on enterprise requirements. For many clients, access to high-speed networks is the lifeline of their business, connecting them to customers, vendors and the Internet. These networks also enable them to access and back-up copies of key documents and programs in the event of a disaster.

She is lecturer in the Master's degree program at Northeastern University's School of Professional and Continuing Education where She teaches courses in Wireless and Data Communications Technologies. Teaching at Northeastern and interacting with students, provides her with first-hand information about the importance of mobile services. To many students, mobility is a way of life, a way to stay connected at all times of day by text messaging or voice.

She has taught at the State University of New York at Stony Brook's Master of Science in the Technology Management Program. In addition, the Fundacion de la Innovacion Bankinter selected her to participate in their Future Trends Forum in Madrid in 2004. The Massachusetts Network Communications Council awarded her the Telecom Professor of the year 2000.She gives talks on telecommunications issues and technology and contribute to telecommunications journals and was formerly in marketing at New England Telephone Company (Verizon Communications) and Telecommunications Manager at Dennison Manufacturing Company (Avery Dennison).

Her depth of experience and contacts with both end-users and vendors give her a unique perspective on industry issues. The telecommunications landscape has changed dramatically in the last twenty years. These changes, spurred by regulatory rulings, carrier consolidation and technological innovation have drastically changed users' expectations and speeded up communications and business transactions on a worldwide basis.

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