Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar

President in Devalt (Grupo de desarrollo de alternativas)

Dr. Arun Kumar is President, Development Alternatives and has wide experience in the areas of Technology Design, Systems Engineering, Business Development and Organisation of research.  Since 1989 he has been responsible for innovation and development of Technology Systems required for large-scale creation of sustainable livelihoods.  He was responsible for development of technology packages in the area of Decentralised Energy Production, Cleaner Production Technologies, Biomass Utilisation and other Livelihood Technologies.

The Cleaner Production packages consist of technologies for production of Handmade Recycled Paper, Decentralised Production of Electricity.  During the last 12 years of work in Development Alternatives, field tested and economically viable packages have been developed for recycling of paper, burnt brick production and cement based roofing products.  The technology packages which are available to commercial business and micro enterprises include Tara Handmade paper Production Technology and the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln Technology.  Under his leadership the first DESI Power Biomass based Energy System was installed and commissioned at TARAgram, Orchha. 


Dr. Arun Kumar has been engaged in an active dialogue with the cement majors and the Cement Manufacturers Association of India to integrate skill building on a national scale as a part of their corporate social responsibility.  A publication “Cement in the Service of the Nation” on behalf of the Cement Manufacturers Association was compiled under his leadership. 


Dr. Arun Kumar has been actively involved in planning for large-scale dissemination of Cleaner technologies required under the International Protocols.  He has been leading an initiative for Research into issues of regional sustainable development. During the course of research work on Structural Transformation Processes, he has authored a pioneering study on Downward Spiralling of resources – their impact on Livelihood Systems. His group is engaged in designing products and marketing systems for large scale delivery in rural markets.  In this endeavour, the DA Group has successfully collaborated with large corporations and is planning to expand these initiatives. A pioneering initiative Network of Waste to Wealth Building Material SMEs has been launched and expansion to national and international markets is underway with investments from leading social venture funds.

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