Camille Beatty

Camille Beatty


She has developed the habit of surprising dismantle everything that crossed her path, toys, watches, remote controls ...
Lifetime, mechanical and electrical things have seemed magically work. But at one point She started thinking there had to be something beneath the surface of metal and plastic. And She decided to investigate. Her father came with a jumble of pieces in their hands and began to shoot questions: What are these lights? And these dots? And that green? She did not know answer, but thanks to the internet, She learned that the lights were LEDs, the points were capacitors and green, motherboards.

One day her father said, "You know, instead of taking things apart, could build something." She answered loudly: "I want to build a robot!". Her  answer surprised him and he said he would have to learn a lot, but they decided to try. They thought it would take them a few months, perhaps years. Read blogs on electronics, 0saw videos on Youtube to learn to weld, they study the steps needed to learn what tools and how to use them. The information was there, one needed only to open your mind to it.

The more they learned, the more they wanted. They build all types of robot: robots rolling, crawling or flying. The garage became practical purposes a robotics workshop, full of band saws, hydraulic drills and other machines.

They were so excited and went so fast that they could hardly keep family and friends abreast of what they did in the workshop. So they decided to create a technology blog. Videorobotics was born. Videorobotics website quickly became very popular within the Maker movement, home network enthusiasts tinkering, inventors like them who trasteaban with robots in their garages worldwide. It was a hobby, until one day that the New York Hall of Science rang. The New York Hall of Science is an interactive science museum, in the city of New York. They saw their projects on the web, and asked them to make them fully functional Mars Rover that they could use in its permanent exhibition of outer space replica.

As they begin to work on it, they knew they were facing a new challenge. It was not a robot for its own use, it must be a robot easy to use, robust and reliable. And that's what they did. Mars Rover Our work since the museum opened in the morning until it closes in the evening without a break. The museum announced that it is one of the most popular exhibitions.

The project attracted much attention, they received a letter from NASA and dozens of magazine articles written about them. Her sister and her went on Fox News and Good Morning America.

They build a set of robots for the National Space Museum in Prague, Czech Republic, and another set of robots to the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur. They had an operating business that built robots to museums around the world soon. Then came a call from Washington DC: President Obama invited them to bring robots to the White House, where they met people from different profiles, and officials from the Commander of the Navy, to the Director National Science Foundation.They saw the US president give a speech to the whole country that they mentioned to my sister and myself as examples of the entrepreneurial spirit, repeated a phrase from our website: A little job for the summer? Who needs delivering newspapers when you can create a robotics company.

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