Craig Carroll

Craig Carroll

Assistant Professor in Escuela de Negocios en la Universidad de Nueva York

Assistant Professor Craig Carroll teaches and researches in public relations. He is the Director of the Carolina Observatory on Corporate Reputation in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The Carolina OCR is a multi-disciplinary research group that includes over 30 graduate and undergraduate students from public relations, advertising, visual communication, history, economics, sociology, political science, international relations, and geography. The focus is on building a body of knowledge of corporate reputation that assists in the social, moral, and economic development of North Carolina through peer-reviewed public symposia, scholarly articles, industry reports and white papers, most of which involve doctoral and undergraduate students in their production.

Prof. Carroll has published in Communication Research, Corporate Reputation Review, Management Learning, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Encyclopedia of Public Relations, Encyclopedia of Journalism, the International Encyclopedia of Communication, and the Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research. His research has been funded by NSF, Foundation for Public Affairs, Lexis-Nexis, Reputation Institute, including a variety of corporate gifts in kind for advances in corporate reputation research and evaluation.

Prof. Carroll is the recipient of numerous teaching awards, including the PR News' Educator of the Year (2008), the Award for Excellence in New Communications (2007),  Arthur W. Page Society's Grand Prize Winner (2006), and the  the Andrew Mellon Award for Excellence in Mentoring  (2005). At UNC, Carroll teaches Principles of Public Relations, Public Relations Case Studies, Advertising and Public Relations Research Methods, and Corporate Reputation Research and Evaluation.

Dr. Carroll serves as the Chair of the International Communication Association's Public Relations division. He serves on the Editorial Boards for Corporate Reputation Review, Management Communication Quarterly, Corporate Communication, Public Relations Review, and Journal of Public Relations Research.

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