Cristina Garmendia

Cristina Garmendia

Chairwoman in Fundacion Cotec

Cristina received her bachelor’s degree in Genetics from the University of Seville and her PhD from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid under the guidance of Professor Margarita Salas. She holds an MBA from IESE (University of Navarra).
She served as Minister for Science and Innovation of Spain from April 2008 to December 2011, leading several groundbreaking reforms in this area, including the National Strategy for Universities 2015, the Spanish Innovation Strategy and the Law for Science,Technology and Innovation as well as the redesign of the main science and technology funding programs and government research agencies. During her tenure, the Ministry launched key initiatives such as a fiscal stimulus package in 2009, implemented an anti-crisis package aimed at SMEs and entrepreneurs in 2010, and forged important international agreements, specially during the 2010 Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
In 2001, she founded and developed the biotechnology holding Genetrix, with successful private fundraising of €90 million. Previously, Cristina was Executive Vice President and CFO of the Amasua Group.

Cristina supports institutional relations at Ysios, both in Spain and abroad, as well as investor relations and fundraising. She served as President of the Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO), as member of the board at the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations (CEOE), and as member of various scientific or advisory boards. She is currently a member of the Advisory Board at the Productive Transformation Program, led by the government of Colombia and chaired by Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos.

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