Elliott Moorhead

Elliott Moorhead


Mr. Moorhead developed the NanoVapor Technologies and for the past seven years has been engaged in development and commercialization of various aspects of these technologies.  The specific applications pursued have been primarily in aviation degas and water, soil and air quality compliance and safety.  Mr. Moorhead is a member of the Board of National Sanitation Foundation and a world recognized expert in industrial bioremediation.

Mr. Moorhead's chief areas of scientific interest include nano-material physics, nano-proteins, catalytic nano-compounds, Air Quality related nano-effects and petroleum related nanoparticle treatment systems.

Mr. Moorhead has published works in wastewater remediation, white papers for government agencies, interviews by the BBC,  the London Observer and  the Manchester Guardian. His company has performed large scale remediation for te Royal Navy, Babcock Engineering, the Scottish EPA. Further the company has been involved in fuels related technical innovation with the UK Ministry of Defense, NATO. the French Logistics Command and other government agencies.

Client relationships include major aircraft OEMs, large refinery operators, military groups and fuels related OEMs, e.g. tanker manufacturers, storage and transportation operators, Boeing, Airbus, Chevron, Exxon, Valero and others.

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