Esteban Moro

Esteban Moro

Researcher and Professor in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

He has a degree in Physics (1994) from the University of Salamanca and PhD in Physics from the University of Carlos III Madrid (1999). Researcher at the University of Oxford (1999-2001) and Ramon y Cajal researcher at the University of Carlos III Madrid (2003-2007).

He is currently Associate Professor, member of GISC and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences CSIC-UAM-UCM-UC3M.

He has published more than 30 articles and directed and participated in over 10 projects financed by the Ministry and companies.

His areas of interest are stochastic differential equations and stochastic processes, financial mathematics, viral marketing, social networks, the study of fluids at micron scales and growth of surfaces.

He works as a consultant for several companies and as an evaluator of R + D + i.

It was "Shared University Award" from IBM Award in 2007 for modeling the dissemination of information on social networks and their application to viral marketing.

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