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Guillem Lopez i Casanovas

Guillem Lopez i Casanovas

Economics Professor in Universidad Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

BA in Law, BA in Economics, D. Phil in Public Economics at York University, is at present professor in Public Finance at the Department of Economics and Business, Univ. Pompeu Fabra at Catalonia (Spain). He has been lecturing at Barcelona University and visiting scholar at the Graduate School of Business, Univ. of Stanford. He has created and directed The Center for Health and Economics at UPF (1996-06) and he has been deputy vice-chancellor of the University (1994-97) and Dean of the School of Economics and Business in Pompeu Fabra (2000-2003), and appointed (March 2005) member of the Directors Board of The Bank of Spain.

He has served on several Public Commissions in Spain on Health Policy, Pharmaceuticals, Health System Reform, Hospital Financing, Ageing and Social Security, Long Term Care, etc. He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Spanish Ministry of Health and of the Catalan Health Department.  Member of the International Health Economics, chair of the 2005 Conference at Barcelona, he is  co-director of the AHLF (an international program on Health Policy  of CRES-UPF joint with Berkeley- Public Health School).

He is a distinguished member of the Royal College of Economists of Catalonia, Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia and associated to the Spanish Academy.

He has been nominated in 2007 as President Elect 2008/09, and then step up to become President for the 20010/11 term, and past-President for 2010/11, of the International Health Economics Association.   

His main teaching and research areas where he has published consistently are

Microeconomics (Welfare), Social Policy, Public Finance, Public Management and Health Economics (at the postgraduate level).

Some recent publications:

“A multilevel analysis on the determinants of regional health care expenditure”  European Journal of Health Economics (with M Saez) Springer Verlag, 2006

 “Diversity and regional inequalities in the Spanish System of Health care services” (with J. Costa and I Planas) Health Economics 14: S221-235, 2005.

“The effects of poor financial information systems on public expenditure and on the long-term sustainability of local public services. Empirical evidence from the Spanish municipalities, (con I. Moreno y E. Garcia), Urban Public Economics Review no 5, 2006, pps 25-49

Health and Economic Growth MIT Press with L. Currais and B. Rivera (eds.) 2005

He has refereed for the main journals of the field and serves as a member of the Editorial Board of the Health Care Management Science and The Spanish Journal of Public Economics, among others.

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