Ilya Ponomarev

Ilya Ponomarev

Chairman Innovation and Venture Capital Subcommitte in Duma

Ilya Ponomarev has more than 20 years of international operational and investment experience working in high technology industries with primary focus on IT and energy. During recent decade it was complemented with active political and social life involvement as well as government relations practice.

Currently Ilya is a member of Russian Parliament – State Duma, Social Democrat representing Novosibirsk – the capital of Siberia, and chairing Hi-Tech developing subcommittee, introducing legislation to support emerging innovation economy in Russia. Among his recent achievements is the amendment to the Civil Code, legalizing LLPs in Russia, and Net Businesses Act. He also heads International Business Development, Commercialization and Technology Transfer for Skolkovo Foundation – managing company of the project chaired by Pres. Medvedev, which is to become the spinal cord of Russian innovation ecosystem.

Before being elected, Hon. Ponomarev was working for Secretary of IT and Telecom as national coordinator for hi-tech parks task force - $6 bln. private-public project to develop a network of small settlements across the country for fostering innovation and R&D activities.

Earlier Ilya held various positions in government offices and private companies. Most remarkable positions include:

- Vice president for strategy, regional development and government relations at IBS, largest Russian system integrator and consulting company;

- Vice president of Yukos Oil Company, largest Russian oil and gas corporation. Ilya’s duties during 4 years at Yukos at different times included being corporate CIO as well as chief executive and chief of operations in Yukos’ oilfield technologies and services subsidiaries and daughter investment company (specialized in high technologies);

- Director for Business Development and Marketing in CIS for Schlumberger Oilfield Services, responsible for scouting, adopting into Schlumberger product lines and further global marketing of Russia-originated technologies in energy sector.

Before joining Schlumberger, Ilya was among founders of two successful high technology start-ups in Russia. His first job position was in Institute for Nuclear Safety (IBRAE), Russian Academy of Sciences.

Ilya Ponomarev holds BSc in Physics from Moscow State University. He is member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (IT), Council for Foreign and Defense Policies, Council for National Strategy, fellow at “Open Russia” foundation. Hon. Ponomarev is supervising innovation policies research at Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR, think-tank chaired by Pres. Medvedev), and political studies at Institute of Globalization Studies (IPROG). He is member of Central Committee, Political Party “Fair Russia” (Social Democrats). Hon. Ponomarev is an author of numerous research papers and magazine articles about new economy development, regional policies and international relations.

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