Jan Mischke

Jan Mischke

Partner in McKinsey Global Institute

After 10 years as a consultant and Associate Partner with McKinsey, Jan joined the McKinsey Global Institute in 2010 to lead research on economic development and competitiveness in Europe and Advanced Economies. Research efforts include

Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute

•Growth and renewal in Europe

•Country growth and competitiveness research in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Spain

•Labour markets and employment in France 2020

•Trade and impact on jobs in mature economies

•Service trade in Advanced Economies

•Impact of the Swiss Franc appreciation

•Future of the Euro

•Infrastructure productivity

•During his time as consultant, Jan gained broad experience of the European market landscape. He served clients in 12 European countries in a broad range of industries, including telecoms, logistics, high-tech, automotive, media, financial services, and others.

•Prior to joining McKinsey, Jan completed a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering after studies at RWTH Aachen and Imperial College London. He earned a PhD (Dr. sc.) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich. 

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