Javier García Cogorro

Javier García Cogorro

Entrepreneur and Board Member in National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Javier Garcia received his MBA from the "Universidad de Comillas (Madrid)" in 1990 and Bachelor, "Universidad Computense (Madrid)", Statistics and Operation Research in 1986. Joining Eli Lilly and Company in 1988, Javier has held several positions with the company.  Initially based in Spain as IT Director (1992-95), he then moved to Information Officer - Medical & Regulatory at Lilly's Headquarters in Indianapolis, USA in 1996.

In January 2000, Javier was appointed Information Officer - European Operations, (2000-02) where he was headquartered at Lilly's offices at Erl Wood Manor, in the UK.

In August 2002, Javier was appointed Information Officer – Global Demand IT, and is now located at the Lilly US Headquarters at Lilly Technology Center South in Indianapolis.

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