Jesús de la Quintana

Jesús de la Quintana

Head of Emerging Initiatives Urban Solutions in Tecnalia

Jesús de la Quintana leads the Emerging Urban Solutions initiatives in Tecnalia, integrating technological innovations in urban transformation projects, that are committed to resolve key challenges that cities around the world are facing.

He fosters the design of innovative scenarios to help building an urban transformation based on people, communication and energy which will generate sustainable economic growth and wellbeing. He is a leading part of the concept: “Heading towards a smart future. 5 keys to design smart cities”, that joins smart structure, project, financing architecture, innovation & technology, and economy to build sustainable cities.

He coordinates the MEDICI initiative, a potent alliance of European RTOs aimed to anticipate new urban paradigms in which the smart use of technology allows dwellers to enjoy a better life within a vivid and satisfactory urban experience

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