John Wilson

John Wilson

Program Director for Buildings in Fundación de Energía en San Francisco

Wilson is an advisor to Commissioner Art Rosenfeld of the Energy Commission of California (, where he works since 1977. This commission is the body of long-term planning in California and is responsible for planning demand, assessment of supply and efficiency standards, R & D in the public interest, licensing for power plants and contingency planning. Recently, Wilson's activities have focused on developing new efficiency standards for appliances, monitoring program Energy Research in the Public Interest Commission, with a budget of 80 million dollars a year (www / pier) and the development of long-term scenarios for the energy system in California.

Apart from the activities carried out in the Energy Commission of California, Wilson serves on the board of the New Buildings Institute ( and is part of the governing committees Collaboration Project for Creating Codes for buildings ( and Standards Awareness Project for Appliances ( Wilson holds a BA and MA in Economics from the University of California (Berkeley and Davis).

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