Jong Lok Yoon

Jong Lok Yoon

Senior Executive Vice President in Growing Business Group, KT

Mr. Jong Lok Yoon is a senior executive vice president of KT and is currently leading the Growing Business Group. Prior to that, he had served as the head of R&D Group, New Business Planning Group, Marketing Group, and e-Biz Group. He also served as the president of KT America Inc.  During these years, Mr. Yoon tried hard to transform KT from a traditional telephone company to a total solution provider and is credited with formulating “Telco 2.0”, which is Telco’s new role and business model in the IP world for raising customer value.

Mr. Yoon is very active in professional activities and is taking many important roles, including the chairman of Telecommunication Technology Association of Korea, Korea Internet Telephony Forum, , and Korea Institute of Information & Telecommunication Facilities Engineering. He received B.S. in Air Telecommunication Engineering at Hankuk Aviation University and M.S. in Electronics and Engineering at Yonsei University. He also received Diploma in Telecommunications at Michigan State University.

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