Jorge Mata

Jorge Mata

Chairman in

Jorge Mata founded MyAlert in 1999, a company focused on designing and implementing wireless alert services to mass market. In 2001 MyAlert merged with Buongiorno, an Italian public company.

Jorge is also founder and Chairman of Berggi Inc, a company with headquarters in Houston focused on developing social networks through mobile telephony. Berggi is the mobile 2.0 messaging and content portal for the mass market. Berggi is the only service of this type that works in every cell phone.

He is also an investor and has been board member in other tech companies like Navio in California or Future 121 in Finland. One of Jorge's declared passions is to participate in companies that transform the way we do things with mobile telephones.

Prior to his entrepreneurial activities, Jorge developed a successful professional career in AT&T& Bell Laboratories, McKinsey, Banco Santander and Broadvision.

Jorge has been appointed twice technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2001 and 2002. Jorge Mata holds an MS in Physics from Universidad Autonoma (Madrid), and an MBA from New York University (NYC) with distinction. Jorge is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian.

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