Kai Höhmann

Kai Höhmann


Dr. Kai Höhmann joined Monitor as a Director in 2007. His focus lies on infrastructure and technology in the area of strategy, marketing and sales.

For the last 10 years he worked at Deutsche Telekom in different functions, like Marketing T-Mobile, Head of a sales branch, Head of Marketing T-Com, Head of Strategy und Internationale on the board-level of T-Com. During the course of these activities, he was also chairman of the supervisory board of Slovak Telekom in Bratislava/Slovakia, of the board of directors ya.com and T-Online France as well as a member of the supervisory board of Scout24 Holding GmbH.

Dr. Höhmann was involved in various acquisitions, especially of former incumbents in Central Europe and of ISPs and mobile operators in Western Europe. Also he was responsible for the Post-Merger-Reintegration of T-Online in Deutsche Telekom in 2006.

Other paces in the career of Dr. Höhmann were the BAYER AG and Bain & Company.

The PhD he received on thesis about Shareholder-Value-Management.

Dr. Höhmann is founder and President of KH-International and United-Portals.

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