Michael Bull

Michael Bull

Professor of Sound Studies in Universidad de Sussex

BSc (Bristol), MA (Greenwich), PhD (Goldsmiths)

Community & Business

Advisory Board: Portalplayer. California.

Consultant: Sound Strategies. London.

Core member: Future Trends  Forum. European think-tank funded by Bankinter. Spain.

Member: Wired Sussex.


Mobile communication technologies and their use, Music and sound in urban culture. New directions in Critical Theory (The Frankfurt School), sensory experience and methodologies.

He  is also  the  founding and  managing editor  of the  journal Senses and  Society published  by  Berg.


Michael teaches undergraduate courses in: Music and Media, Media, Technology and Everyday Life, Media and  Power, MA courses  in The Political Economy  of the  New Media and  the  core  course  in Media and  Cultural Studies..



2000                Sounding Out the City: Personal Stereos and the Management of Everyday Life. Oxford. Berg.


 2007                The Auditory Culture Reader (edited with Les. Back,). Oxford. Berg

Sound Moves. iPod Culture and Urban Experience .The International Library of Sociology. Routledge.

Journal Articles

2001                The World According to Sound: Investigating the World of Walkman Users. New Media and Society. Sage London.

2002                The Seduction of Sound in Consumer Culture in Journal of Consumer Culture

2003                "Towards an Aural Epistemology of Proximity and Distance. Mobile Technologies and their Use" in Space and Society (forthcoming)

2003                "Alone Together: The Culture of Mobile Listening in Automobiles" in Social Studies of Science. (forthcoming)

Chapters in Books

2001                "Space, Place and Music: A Critical Ethnography of Automobile Habitation" in Car Cultures. (ed D. Miller) Berg. Cambridge.

                        "Personal Stereo Use and the Aural Reconfiguration of Representational Space" in New Technologies and Spatial Practices (ed S. Munt) Cassell. London.

2003                "To Each Their Own Bubble: Mobile Spaces of Sound in the City" in Place, Space and Culture in a Media Age (ed N. Couldry and A. McCarthy) Sage, London. (forthcoming)

2003                "Thinking about Sound, Proximity and Distance in Western Experience. The Case of Odyssius's Walkman" in New directions in the Anthropology of Sound ( ed V.Erlmann.) Oxford. Berg. (forthcoming)


2003                Sounding Out the City is published in Japanese by Hituzi Sybo, Tokyo.

Book reviews

Theodor W, Adorno, Metaphysics: Concept and Problems, Cambridge: Polity Press, 2000 Sociology 2002, David Morley, Home Territories: Media, mobility and Identity, London, Routledge, 2000. New Media and Society. 2002

Recent Conference Papers and International Workshops

March 2002                  Rethinking Networks: Fluid Networks, Fluid People. Helsinki, Finland.

                        Towards an Aural Epistemology of Proximity and Distance: Mobile Technologies and their Use.

April 2002                    "Hearing Culture": New Directions in the Anthropology of Sound. Oaxaca, Mexico.

                        Thinking about Sound, Proximity and Distance in Western Experience. The Case of Odyssius's Walkman

April 2002                    "Musica Urbana" University of Bologna.

                        The Aural Privatising of Urban Space and its Social Implications.

November 2002            Sound Matters. New Technology in Music. University of Maastricht

                        The Culture of Mobile Listening: From Walkmans to the Automobile as an Acoustic Theatre.

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