Pito Salas

Pito Salas

Associate Professor of the practice of Computer Sc... in Brandeis University

Pito Salas runs Salas and Associates, a consulting firm providing advisory services on the the strategy, design, development, implementation of innovative software products and services. Pito has over 20 years of diverse experience in the software industry, with a solid track record of innovation, creation, and delivery of software products and services. With a degree in Computer Science from Brandeis University, Pito began his career as a software developer and engineer. He has had the experience of being a hands-on developer on different teams with different development and engineering cultures and mentalities.

A key part of Pito’s experience was his work at Lotus Development Corporation. At Lotus, he was responsible for the invention and subsequent creation and delivery of Lotus Improv, an application which introduced a breakthrough in spreadsheet andfinancial modeling.

In 1996, Pito joined forces with Jeffrey Beir to found eRoom Technology. eRoom’s mission was and is to deliver world-class collaboration to the enterprise. Pito served as Chief Technology Officer, where he was responsible for the overall technology andproduct line of the company, both strategy and implementation. Most recently, Pito formed Salas Associates, dedicated to further leveraging and bringing this expertise in strategy, design, development, implementation of innovative software products and services to our clients in the Software and Life Sciences Industries. In parallel Pito also leads a team creating BlogBridge, an open source project developing a a system for discovery and organization of large quantities of information.

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