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Ramon López de Mántaras

Ramon López de Mántaras

Research Professor and Deputy Director in Consejo Español de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), el Instituto de Investigación en Inteligencia Artificial del CSIC

Research Professor of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and Deputy Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the CSIC.

Technical Engineer (EE) from the Technical School of Mondragón (Spain) in 1973, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, with a thesis in Robotics, in 1977, from the University of Toulouse (France), M.Sc. in Engineering (Computer Science) from the University of California at Berkeley (USA), and Ph.D. in Computer Science, in 1981, from the Technical University of Barcelona (Spain).

From October 1979 to September 1980 research engineer at IKERLAN Research Center in Mondragón. From october 1981 to december 1984 Assistant Professor and in 1985 Associate (Tenured) Professor of the Computer Science Department of the Technical University of Catalonia and Visiting Professor at the University of Paris VI in 1986. From 1986 to 1989 Tenured Research Scientist at the CSIC and Research Full Professor since February 1989.

Member of the editorial or advisory boards of the following journals:

New Generations Computing (Ohmsha Ltd. & Springer-Verlag) (1986-1997), Future Generations Computer Systems (North-Holland) (1986-1997), Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle (Editions Hermès) (1987-1998), International Journal of Expert Systems (JAI Press) EEUU (1987-1993), Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (Morgan Kaufmann) (1993-1995), Pattern Recognition Letters (North-Holland)(1983-1998), Revue de Sciences et Techniques de la Conception (Editions Hermès), International Journal of Uncertainty Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems (World Sci. Pub.), Data and Knowledge Engineering  (North-Holland), Journal of Computing and Information (CD-ROM journal); Informatica: An Int. Journal of Computing and Informatics (Slovene Society Informatika), International Journal of Intelligent Data Analysis (Elsevier), Intelligence: The ACM SIGART Magazine of Intelligent Machinery, Artificial Intelligence Communications (IOS Press), Computación y Sistemas: Revista Iberoamericana de Computación (Centro de Investigación en Computación,Mexico D.F.), Biomedical Soft Computing and Human Sciences (Japan), Fuzzy Sets and Systems (North-Holland).

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