Stephen Clark

Stephen Clark

Vice President • Market Access and Value Strategy in OptumInsight

Steve Clark has over 20 years’ experience in the medical technology field, including several years of experience helping pharmaceutical and medical device companies in sales, marketing, clinical, R&D, and reimbursement areas, especially in the area of technology assessment.

During his career, Mr. Clark has worked with numerous pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biologics, and combination technology companies to assess the status and impact of reimbursement, pricing, payment, and formulary issues on companies, payers, and patients. This work includes efforts to identify the technology assessment criteria, format, and processes that are used by commercial payers, pharmacy benefits plans, pharmacy and therapeutics committees, and governmental entities to evaluate current and new technologies for establishing coverage and payment decisions.

Mr. Clark has also focused on working with clients in early phases of R&D, discovery, and clinical development to: provide the key insight on payer, provider, and patient requirements; build decision analytic pathways incorporating these key clinical and economic inputs; and consequently develop pricing and value models for pharmaceuticals/biologics and medical technologies to support their consideration of market access and reimbursement coverage.

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