Tim Harper

Tim Harper

President of Nanotechnologies in Envision ALR

Tim Harper is Director of Foxbat Ltd, President of Nanotechnologies at Envision ALR and VP of Business Development at Playgen.

Tim Harper is a serial technology entrepreneur, founding London based Cientifica Ltd, the world's leading source of global business intelligence about nanotechnologies, co-founder of Salisbury based nanoparticle visualisation and sizing company Nanosight Ltd., and is one of the worlds foremost experts on commercialisation of technologies, with experience gained in both venture capital and the laboratory.

Tim has given over 100 invited talks and keynote lectures on nanotechnologies ranging from economic implications to toxicology. He has been published in journals ranging from ‘Nanotechnology’ and 'Nature’ to ‘Microscopy and Analysis,’ in addition to being extensively quoted in media ranging from the Financial Times and The Economist to Time and Business Week.

He is also the Founder and former Executive Director of European NanoBusiness Association and is an advisor to many organizations around the globe including top tier Universities, the European Commission, many of the world’s largest companies and national governments from Austria to Singapore. He is the co-author of the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™, described by NASA as "the defining report in the field of nanotechnology."

In October 2002 Time Magazine described Tim as "the face of European nanotechnology" and profiled him in TIME Magazine's Digital Europe Top 25, as one of Europe's top 25 entrepreneurs. This was followed in November by recognition in Small Times Magazine who described Tim as "Europe’s pre-eminent nanotech spokesman outside of government." Since then, Cientifica has grown to be the world's largest nanotechnologies information, events and consulting company, operating through offices in London, Madrid, Oslo, Singapore and Mumbai

Tim also publishes, and occasionally edits, the weekly nanotechnology newsletter TNT Weekly which has been running since 2000 and is widely read across the entire nanotechnology community, from academics to investors.

With a degree in Physics from Coventry University, Tim was formerly an engineer at the European Space Agency's research and development centre in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, where he managed the micro and nanoscale characterization facility, and published extensively on analytical techniques and characterization of advanced materials

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