Uzi Landman

Uzi Landman

Director, Center for Computational Materials Science in Georgia Tech

Uzi Landman was born and raised in Israel where he received his education, obtaining a D.Sc. degree from the Israel Institute of Technology. Between 1970 to 1971 he worked at the UC Santa Barbara, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the Xerox Corporation, and the University of Rochester NY. In 1977 he joined the School of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, Georgia, where he is currently a Regents’ and Institute Professor, holding the Callaway endowed Chair in Physics, and serving as the Director of the Georgia Tech Center for Computational Materials Science.

Landman’s contributions deepened our insights into the microscopic origins of emergent physical and chemical phenomena in systems of basic and technological significance, focusing on the size-dependent evolution of materials properties. He contributed significantly to the conceptual and practical development of classical and quantum simulation and modeling methodologies. He published close to 350 articles, and for over a decade focused his studies on a broad range of nanoscale phenomena. He founded and served as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Computational Materials Science, and served as the President of the Georgia Autistic Society.

Landman is an elected fellow of the American Physical Society and the British Institute of Physics, and he received a number of awards. Recently he presented a plenary lecture at the Nobel Symposium on the Physics and Chemistry of Clusters, was awarded in 1999 the Beams award of the American Physical Society, the 2000 Feynman Prize in Nanothechnology, received the 2002 Materials Research Society Medal for his seminal contributions to the founding of the field of nanotribology, and in March 2005 he was awarded the APS Rahman Prize in Computational Physics. Landman is serving as a member of the nanotechnology technical advisory group to the US President's council of advisors on science and technology.

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