Walter de Brouwer

Walter de Brouwer

CEO in Scanadu

Walter De Brouwer (°Belgium, 1957) holds a PhD in semiotics. He was one of the founders of Ping (Eunet) which merged with Qwest communications in 1998 to become the third long-distance carrier in the US.  In 1996 his electronic recruitment site went up in Stepstone which did a successful IPO on LSE.  De Brouwer was the founder of Europe’s private (deep-future) fundamental research facility, STARLAB which was called ‘Nerd Heaven’.  He is a director of Tau Zero, the aerospace foundation that competes for the DARPA-NASA 100-year spaceship contract and is leading the European expansion of the Brain-Computer Interface Company, Emotiv. Since 2004 he is Entrepreneur in Residence (Cfel) with the Judge School at Cambridge University, UK.

De Brouwer is founder and the CEO of the San-Francisco-based Scanadu which wants to create the mythical ‘tricorder’.  The lab entered the Tricorder race of the Xprize foundation.  

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