Walter Fierz

Walter Fierz

Medical Director in LogoLAB AG, Instituto de Diagnóstico Médico en Zúrich

Curriculum vitae

- 9. Oct. 1947 I was born in Zürich, Switzerland, where I grew up and attended the schools.

- 1967-1973 Study of Medicine at the University of Zürich.

- 1974 Qualified as a Medical Doctor.

- 1974-1975 Assistant at a Surgical Clinic (Neumünsterspital) in Zürich.

- 1975-1977 Assistant at the Immunopathology Laboratory of the Institute for Pathology (Prof. J.Rüttner), University Hospital of Zürich.

- 1977-1978 Assistant at the Clinical Immunology Laboratory (Prof. P.Grob), University Hospital of Zürich.

-1978-1979 Assistant at a Medical Clinic (Waidspital) in Zürich.

- 1979-1982 Postdoctoral training in basic immunology at the Clinical Research Centre in Harrow, England, at the Transplantation Biology Section of Sir Peter Medawar.

- 1982-1985 Research associate at the Max-Planck-Society, Research Unit for Multiple Sclerosis (Prof. H.Wekerle) in Würzburg, Germany, in the field of Neuroimmunology.

- 1985-1992 Head of the Cellular Immunology Unit at the Clinical Immunology Section (Prof. P.Grob) of the University Hospital in Zürich.

- 1987-1992 5-year career development award from the Prof.Dr.Max Cloëtta Foundation for the study of cellular immunology in organ-specific autoimmune diseases.

- 1992-2001 Head of the Division of Immunology at the Institute for Clinical Microbiology and Immunology (Prof. G.Siegl) in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

- 1995-2001 Quality Manager of the Institute.

- 2002-2004 Head of the Section of Human Diagnostics at the Institute for Clinical Microbiology and Immunology (Prof. G.Siegl) in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

- 2003- Participant at the Master Course of Health Information Management at the

Institute of Health Policy and Management of the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

- 2004- Medical Director at LogoLab AG, Institute for Medical Diagnostics in Zürich, Switzerland.

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