Wolfgang Grulke

Wolfgang Grulke

Founder and Chairman in FutureWorld International Limited

  • Founder and Chairman, FutureWorld, a global business and technology think tank, and a director of companies.
  • Founder and former CEO, Business Futures Group, a South African management consultancy firm renowned for applying holistic and systemic thinking in a chaotic business environment and creating sustainable business change.
  • As a former IBM executive he worked internationally with IBM for more than 20 years and was awarded the prestigious IBM Outstanding Innovation Award from then CEO John Akers in London in 1983.

With a background in business, technology, nuclear physics, entertainment and marine biology, Wolfgang is an exhilarating and thought-provoking speaker on topics from business transformation to the technological revolutions, paradigm shifts to chaos, fractals and the dilemmas of modern management, and the sex life of fish! In the style of a Victorian raconteur Wolfgang brings fresh ideas and a breadth of thinking that is rare in today's focused and specialised world.

He has addressed audiences in more than 20 countries, in person, on radio and on television. He is a successful writer and photographer and has been widely published, on the subjects of business, technology, management and marine life. He is currently working on a major new book on the marine life of the Indian Ocean. He has served on the management board of the JLB Smith Institute, a world-renowned marine research institution, and serves on the Educational Trust of the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. His article In Search of Simplicity won the NACCA award for the best business article of the year and his article From Value Chain to Marketspace was awarded the AFSM International Writing Award (in Professional Writers and Consultants category) in Boston in October 1997.

His best-selling book "Ten Lessons from the Future" was published internationally in December 2000 and is now also available in Spanish and Chinese. His new book "Lessons in Radical Innovation: Out-of-the-box straight to the bottom line" was published by Financial Times/Prentice Hall world-wide in April 2002 and in the USA in January 2003. A South African edition of the book is also available, "Lessons in Radical Innovation: South Africans leading the world".

This is what Radames Soto of the Wall Street Journal, New York had to say:
"A practical and inspirational guide to the Future. A superb combination of practicality and vision. It is a great read, precise and thought provoking. It makes you really want to jump out of your seat and participate in the creation of the future. I have read this book twice. I highly recommend it to those who do not want someone else eating their cheese."

Wolfgang is a Fellow of the Centre for Management Development at the London Business School and teaches regularly on a number of programmes including the School's flagship Senior Executive Programme (SEP).

Wolfgang has worked globally for much of his life and has lived in almost equal shares in Germany, England and South Africa. He intends to spend most of the rest of his life in the future.

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