Technology and inequiality Valencia

The world is changing at one ever-increasing speed, where society, economy and technology are related. Access to technology can open a gap of inequality but also enables universal access to the main factors of prosperity and makes available tools to combat inequality.
Know experiences that used them new technologies to combat the inequality and make a world more just and equal, of the hand of:

-Margarita Albors, founder of Socialnest, where are driven sustainable companies seeking social impact.
-Roberto Ballester, founder and CEO of Felidarity, a project that develops and makes visible the values of the brands to generate positive emotional relationships with their stakeholders.

  • Date and time

    28 from March 2017 14:01h
  • Location

    Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación Valencia Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación Camino de Vera s/n - Edificio 8E - Acceso J - 3º planta Valencia