Commercialization of Space

Commercialization of Space

In this trend, we analyze how the advancement of technology is enabling the commercialization of space and the development of new industrial applications in orbit as manufacturing and research or new technologies of communication and observation.
The Future Trends Forum experts highlight the commercialization of space as a business opportunity on Earth, because although it presents risks, it also presents viable business development opportunities. In this trend, Spain has an important role with a turnover that is already around 800 million Euros.

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  • Space industry

    Space industry

    How is the current space industry.

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  • New opportunities

    New opportunities

    Opportunities and risks of the commercialization of space.

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  • Space Commercialization in Spain

    Space in Spain

    How is the commercialization of space in Spain.

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  • Challenges in Space Commercialization


    Conclusions and challenges of the commercialization of space.

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