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Space Manufacturing

Space Manufacturing

Even though it could be included in the previous section, experts at the Forum wanted to emphasize the possibility of developing automatic space factories that are able to manufacture medication or its molecules in a free-fall environment that allows for the creation of molecules that are impossible to create on Earth. The same thing could happen with 3D printers, which could obtain results, otherwise impossible on Earth under the effects of gravity. These are a few business opportunities in that field. We could even consider food production as a solution to additional demand.

In that case, we would need to take into account the possibility that the public might be reluctant to consume these products, replicating the rejection of genetically modified products. That would require additional awareness-raising efforts to convince potential stakeholders, whether they are companies that will produce the goods or people that will consume them.


Manufacturing in space to protect the Earth

Interview to Jason Dunn, Co Founder and Director of Made In Space, at the XXXI Future Trends Forum about the Commercialization of Space.

Jason explains that the use of Earth's resources has a limit so he proposes to manufacture in space to protect the planet.

Opportunities of Commercialization of Space

More Opportunites