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Traditionally, world superpowers and space agencies have experimented with chemical synthesis in orbit. The results are far different from those obtained on Earth and often impossible to achieve under the effects of gravity. 

For companies such as  Space Pharma, life sciences in orbit or in microgravity are a not-so-distant revolution. They call it ‘the fourth space revolution,’ in which they seek to build remote-controlled miniaturized laboratories in satellites or space stations where they can produce molecules far superior to their equivalents on Earth. The business model lies in the fact that these molecules are much more efficient. With just one gram of these space-produced substances, we can produce a kilogram of material on Earth, a 1,000 to 1 return on investment. 

We need to ensure that we can implement those ideas and assess their potential turnover.


A laboratory in the space for health on Earth

Conference by Yossi Yamin, Chairman & R&D CEO at SpacePharma, at the XXXI Future Trends Forum about the Commercialization of Space.

Yossi explains the benefits of microgravity in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.

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