Venture Capitial

Do you have a project? We want to help you

Do you have a project? We want to help you

Venture Capital was born from the collaboration between Fundación Innovación Bankinter and the Bankinter Capital Venture team. Together, we identify and invest in high-potential startups with funds from the bank.

The program has been running since 2013 and we have already invested in more than 40 startups. But our commitment goes far beyond financing: we accompany you every step of the way, providing the added value of our extensive experience as investors and deep knowledge of the startup ecosystem.


Intelligent document management solution to free up the time of professionals.
App to stimulate the cognitive development of children from 2 to 6 years old through more than 150 unique play experiences developed by experts.
Fintech that provides financial planning micro-services to banks and insurers.
Advanced analytics platform based on Artificial Intelligence that identifies trends and social concerns.
Online Tax Advice specialized in freelancers who perform accounting and tax management with the help of a virtual advisor.
Digital brokerage specialized in travel insurance.
Disruptive technology of design of magnetic components using Artificial Intelligence techniques.
App to discover nearby restaurants, order in advance and pay from your mobile without waiting.
Luggage transport service from your hotel, office or residence to the airport.
Digital native brand of affordable luxury women's fashion.
Platform for the efficient management of business trips through artificial intelligence.
Digital tool that facilitates and optimizes the collection of data and its subsequent analysis.
Visual Commerce platform allows brands to make use of user-generated content.
Protects intellectual and industrial property rights on the Internet.
Last mile delivery service for e-commerce.
It allows you to develop chatbots without code, without the need to have programming knowledge.
App to find parking spaces on the street, in real time and for free
Mobile app that allows you to select channels of notifications of interest.
Getaways to surprise destinations that include flight and accommodation.
First metasearch tourist apartments and holiday homes in Spain
Disposable portable screen that broadcasts in real time everything that happens in large events.
Email tracking app with Double-checks for Gmail.
Fintech focused on developing software for capital markets.
App that wants people to enjoy food in a healthy way.
Startup community that connects all the actors of the European ecosystem.
Omnichannel catalogs that make it easier for manufacturers and suppliers to sell more
Recruitment software that allows companies to automate selection processes.
Unique DevOps tool that supports development teams.
Cloud Game Distribution Platform.
Integral solution to automate the management of business expenses.
Marketplace of student accommodation.
E-commerce platform that brings together the most charming stores in Europe.
Cloud platform for designing experiences for mobile devices.
Protocol that facilitates p2p fiat/bitcoin exchanges with self-custody on both sides of the transaction.
Gamification platform aimed at personal and professional development.
Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio. Allows interactive cooperation of teams.
Software development of mobile applications.
Video platform.

  • Technology-based, scalable business model and international vocation,
  • Located in Spain, Portugal and/or Ireland,
  • With one first version of your product on the market (MVP) and first usage and/or revenue metrics.
  • We invest in the seed and Series A phases, in the company's capital.
  • We do not lead the investment, we always co-invest with other professional investors,
  • Once the investment in the company has been made, if the milestones are met, there is the possibility of accompanying in subsequent rounds of investment (follow ons).

Juan Moreno Bau
Juan Moreno Bau

Managing director

Javier Megias
Javier Megias

Director at Startups

José Carlos Huerta

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