Eden Schochat

Eden Schochat

Partner in Aleph

An operator & entrepreneur (face.com, aternity) turned early stage investor (Any.DO, Joytunes, Commerce Sciences, daPulse, 3dsoles and most recently Riskified).

As an investor I try to practice a "hands-off unless requested" approach. If asked, I have hands-on experience with massively scalable Internet applications, networking, financial algorithms & platforms, client-side 2D/3D graphic engines, software-as-a-service and traditional enterprise software.

Best way to quickly get my attention is to have one of the people I trust send your executive summary to me. Some of these people are: Yaniv Golan, Roi Carthy, Yair Goldfinger, Gil Hirsch, Omer Perchik, Yariv Gilat, Yuval Tal, Nimrod Lehavi, Zvika Netter, Dror Berman.

Specialties: I try to give back to the community by co-organizing the yearly geekcon (http://www.geekcon.org) unconference, mentoring up-and-coming high school students with the Startupseeds program and teaching in Herzlia Interdisciplinary Center (IDC).

Things I do:
1. Provide perspective gained by hands on founding, building, scaling sales, hitting walls and being acquired by top tier companies
2. Recruit the core engineering & product teams
3. Collaborating with valley and new-york based value add investors (led deals with innovation endeavors, Joe Lonsdale, founders collective, Felicis VC)
4. Building product, figuring out distribution, go to market deals and strategy.

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