Foundation Start-ups


We invest capital, with the support of Bankinter Venture Capital, in high-potential technology startups.

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  • ICT (Information Technology) and / or Mobile Technologies.

    ICT & Mobile Technologies.

    Projects must be related to ICT (Information Technology) and / or Mobile Technologies.
  • Spain & Portugal

    Spain & Portugal

    The companies where we invest must have considerable economic impact on the Spanish or Portugese society.

  • Team


    The founders of companies applying to the program must have a full-time dedication to it.

  • International


    We invest in startups with an obvious international calling from the get-go.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    We only take a stake in a company where an initial development and use and/or billing metrics are available.

  • Innovative product

    Innovative product

    We seek companies that solve a problem or meet a need with an innovative product or service.

  • Scalable


    We want to be part of companies with exponential future growth. Therefore, we avoid human-capital-intensive startups.

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Investment Requirements

  • Equity Investment

    Equity Investment

    In an ideal scenario, we buy an equity stake in the company. Convertible loans are a possibility although it is infrequent.

  • Co-investment


    One of its unavoidable requirements is to participate in a round alongside a lead investor with expertise in the given ecosystem.

  • Investment Size

    Investment Size

    Our first investment round is limited to the €50,000-€200,000 range.

  • Investment Round

    Investment Round

    Usually, we participate in round of funding worth €1,2M total.

  • Valuation


    The maximum pre-money valuation in which we can co-invest is €3,000,000.

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