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Fundacion Innovación Bankinter

Promote the creation to sustainable wealth through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our programs are:

  • Future Trends Forum

    Future Trends Forum

    The Future Trends Forum is the only international, multidisciplinary think tank focused on innovation.

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  • Akademia


    Akademia develops the innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes of Spanish students.

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  • Entrepreneurs


    Entrepreneurs support high potential Spanish entrepreneurs through early stage investment with Bankinter Capital Riesgo.

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  • promotes the growth of medium-size Spanish companies.

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We rely on the knowledge of our experts, who will collaborate pro-bono in all our programs.

  • Alfie Ulloa
    Alfie Ulloa Executive Secretary at The Productivity Commi...
    in Gobierno de Chile
  • Chester Crocker
    Chester Crocker James R. Schlesinger Professor of Strategic S...
    in Universidad de Georgetown
  • Eli Opper
    Eli Opper Former Chief Scientist
    in Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Empleo de...


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