How to evaluate an idea?

It is important to assess your own idea a priori, this exercise will allow you to be self-critical with your idea, your future in-depth knowledge project and know where and how to improve it.

There are multiple literature on assessment techniques ideas, we will have selected the 3 most simple:

1. Analysis perspective, this method allows to evaluate the idea from the perspective of the analysis of the possible evolution of the idea from different perspectives temporarles.
We must contrast our idea, exposing the possible consequences of its implementation in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

2. Evaluation according to criteria established in this method, a priori, a set of criteria for evaluating the idea and posterioremente the idea Secun Rate established, comparing the different alternatives.
Examples of possible criteria to be selected are:

            - Cost criteria

                        - Cost of execution of the idea

                        - Profitability of the idea

            temporary -Criteria

                        - execution time

                        - Time for obtaining the results for the idea

                        - Obsolescence of the idea

            - Performance criteria

                        -Acceptance Idea

                        - Implementation and effectiveness

                        - Equipment and resources

            3. Keepner-Tregoe methodology, this methodology the final product is the realization of a scheme on desirable and necessary objectives of the idea, detailing alternatives to different target groups, procediento the analysis of alternatives, so I chose the optimum . Deciding and evaluacndo problems, actions to address them and possible contingency plans.