How to submit an idea?

Once you have defined and evaluated your idea is necessary to know how to present it; for all ideas is essential present in many events, making networking to meet people who can help you shape your business and achieve your goals.

The first in the preparation of the presentation of the idea is to focus on how you should structure your content, answering these questions:

- What do you do?

- What level of development / execution has your project?

- What do you want from your partner? For any presentation, it is essential customize the public / partner who will be presented.


Depending on the audience and time for your presentation, there are three modes:

- Quick Tour, the renowned Elevator Pitch. By definition, the 'elevator pitch' is the presentation of your business or company to a potential investor in a few minutes. The idea came from a hypothetical scenario: how to sell your project to a potential investor if you meet him in an elevator. You must be direct, concrete, convey passion and get it done in less than 3 minutes.

- Executive Summary, usually more extensive and in writing, including the business idea and a more detailed description of the resources to develop it, means of distribution, key elements and niche market to which it is directed. It should not be a longer document 3 pages should be directed to generate curiosity to potential investors and customers.

- Presentation of idea where you must include all the details about your business, with real numbers and estimates, market analysis, competitors, etc. Explain the points that make it unique to your business and solves problems and needs.


Thomas Ferrandiz (@tomasfeerandiz) in offers a Decalogue of how to present an idea:

1. Create the idea, blindly believe in an idea is to present the main reason.

2. It can be summarized in a tweet? If an idea can not explain in less than 140 characters, better not explain.

3. Tell a story and do not expose cards. When developing the idea of ​​campaign and expose the different pieces that can become part of their creative execution, do not miss in a sea of ​​cromos exposed one after another as if it were a pass from old slides.

4. Put passion. If you do not shine eyes when explaining it, forget it. If not transmit passion, and if not in front of you just believe that you are convinced, better let it be.

5. reaches conclusions and explains the results you expect to get. Why? Where does you? Do you sell more? How much? ¿You attract more fans to the Facebook page? How do you attract? How many will come? In how much time? He explains the idea and then try to explain what results can be achieved and consider why.

6. Never say "is damn good." "Well I really like" Okay, I there are many things I like but that 90% of people do not.

7. Displays data. Uses data to justify the strategy which supports the idea.

8. Prepare answers to all questions. Ideas, even the best, raise doubts. Be prepared to answer all and give a good justification.

9. Do not think you have the absolute truth. Your idea may not be the best.

10. Relax and enjoy presenting. This is perhaps the most difficult of all. Nerves do not take you anywhere. It's your idea and are convinced of it, why get nervous?