One idea in the context of the undertaking, is a solution for a problem.

Paul Graham, American entrepreneur, insists that the way to engender an entrepreneurial idea is not to think of ideas, but to seek solutions to problems, preferably, the problems of the entrepreneur himself. It is preferable to try to solve their own problems because it ensures that the problem is real, that there are people who need and want a solution, and that the entrepreneur understands the minute details of the problem.

When Paul Buchheit, the creator and lead developer of Gmail, speaking of ideas, says leaders of the technological field "living in the future." Paul Graham adds that the entrepreneur who "live in the future," then do "what it is not intended. "When a person is at the forefront of a rapidly evolving field, unforeseen things will be clearer, and ideas that can create successful companies will be evident.

Once you found the idea has to define the concept of project / company. Considering the proposal of the value of your idea that should be clearly explained.