Where and how to file a prototype

The presentation of the prototype is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to show the progress of their work. It is an opportunity to convince investors and customers about product features.

The prototype should be completed development and substantial product interactions, which highlights the functional and more attractive to investors or potential customers elements, calling attention to the uniqueness of the product and arousing their interest. Start with the problem that exists and show how your product solves. For people who are not familiar with the product, you can make it easier to understand the concept if there is a realistic presentation or a physical model that can be seen.

The presentation of the prototype should include a presentation or brochures to better explain the company and communicate specific information to investors. Presentation should be short and succinct, less than 15 slides, with most of the information presented orally, especially because investors tend to respond better to the passion and confidence of the presentation that the raw data. The aim is to introduce the business plan and vision of the company, including income-expense data, names of major customers, competitive analysis, use of funds, and long-term goals.