Entrepreneur Creation Team

The first step in creating your team is choosing its co-founders. Paul Graham recommended that you have between two and four founders that can be difficult to make decisions with just one person, or more than four. At the same time, the founders must be "technical people," that is, people with technological skills. At the same time, the team of the founders, must be people who focus on the wishes of customers-is essential to understand the customers to have a viable product.
Every successful company will reach a point where the founders can not do everything alone. At this point, they have to grow the team and establish the different parts of the company, focusing on the following aspects-

1. The culture of the company - You will get along with the prospective employee? Can you work hard? The company culture is important to establish -in companies such as Google, they have established a culture of "bottom-up" where ideas come from ordinary workers and management reach.
2. The creativity of the company - has to establish a space where employees can invent. With this goal, we must ensure that potential employees have some ideas and enthusiasm.
3. The communication style - is crucial to think about the best way of communication within your company. When talking to a potential employee, think about the compatibility of their communication styles.
4. Technical skills - When looking for employees, consider not only the experience of a candidate, but also in their ability to determine the value added to the company. It has yet to assess the level of responsibility that the candidate possesses and experience developing, implementing and supporting products. Also, look for evidence of their ability to learn from their mistakes.
5. The system of values ​​shared values ​​among employees are essential for a small business. Individual values ​​do not change over time and so, when interviewing someone has to think about his integrity, motivation and work style. Then ask whether it is compatible with the rest of the company. You should also use references to find out how the candidate contributed to the culture of his former company
6. The growth of the company - as your company develops, select people to fill specific positions.
· The Executive Officer (CEO) determines the business strategy, distributing human and financial resources. You have to think about the future and market conditions, but its primary role is maintaining a strong team and structural organization.
· The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is in charge of the operations of the company, measures the development of the company and decides the necessary measures to ensure the fulfillment of the goals of the company.
· The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) creates budgets and funding strategies and then monitors finances. Think about customers, products, cash flow and profits.
· The Director of Marketing (CMO) is in charge of marketing strategy including sales strategy. Know the product intimately company and differentiates it from its competitors' products.
· Chief Technology Officer (CTO) knows the fashions of technology and integrate them into the strategy of the company.