The business plan

Every project company needs the business plan not only to attract investors but also to establish an action plan and measures to monitor progress. He will be responsible for the projections and proposals of the plan, and it has to assess the position of the company and the reality of the suggested goals.
To determine your goals, ask yourself:
1. What is my level of determination to succeed?
2. Am I willing to spend my own money and time?
3. Where do I want to be in the next year? Do I want a small or large company? Do I want to have sold the company?
4. What revenues will be next year? In five years?
5. What is the level of participation in the market next year? In five years?
6. Does the company attract a niche or a broad market?
7. What are my plans for geographic expansion? How I want to expand the company?
8. What kind of manager I am? I delegare work? What kind of work will delegate?
9. Could you work with investors and partners?
10. The company will remain independent and privately owned or to be acquired or go public?
Given your goals, you can start creating the plan. It is clear that each plan of each company would be different. However, each must include the following:
· A description of the company
or reference experience and target promoters
or technical description
or Geographical location
or economic and financial structure
or Organizational human resources
or legal structure
· A definition of the product or service to be provided
o Description
or covering Needs
or differences with competing products
or existence of any rights to the product or service to market
· A planning of commercial aspects
or market analysis. Market study
or Marketing Plan
o Establishment of distribution networks
or Purchase Plan
In the following sections, you can see the details of the components.
Also, you can use this Web site - to help with the creation of the plan and to monitor their progress.