• TyD Valencia
    Technology and inequiality Valencia

    Know experiences that use them new technologies to combat the inequality and do a world withoput inequality

  • The future of Digital Health

    Interview about Digital Health and society with Esther Dyson, founder of Way to Wellville.

  • Technology and inequality

    Summary video of XXVI trends of FTF

  • Overview of flows of capital

    Joel Kurtzman’s presentation on global financial capital flows emphasizes the following points: · Since 2008, the amount of energy produced in the United States in terms of oil and natural gas has skyrocketed, all due to the Mitchell Energy Company’s perfection of the process of fracking. We are starting to see the infrastructure put in place for a shift from oil and diesel fuel for long distance travel to natural gas. Natural gas is now shifting from being an internationally traded commodity to a domestically produced commodity. This is good news for the U.S. and bad news for OPEC, as the movement of capital into OPEC’s treasuries will decrease as the US leaves that market and itself becomes an exporter.

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