Our portfolio

Our portfolio

The following are the start-ups in which we have invested:


  • 2016
  • Paack

    Paack is a delivery service for e-commerce with home delivery in 2 hours

  • Helloumi

    Helloumi is a service for companies that allows to gather the different conversations with the clients in a [...]

  • Wazypark

    Wazypark is an application used to find parking spaces on the street,

  • Regalador

    Regalador is an E-Commerce focused on the segment of gifts for any occasion,

  • hooks

    Hooks is a mobile app that allows you to select channels of notifications of interest

  • waynabox

    Waynabox offers a new form of travel with short breaks with a price fixed of 150€ which include flights and [...]

  • 2015
  • HundredRooms

    Hundredrooms is the first metasearch tourist apartments and holiday homes in Spain. It compares prices from [...]

  • Viuing

    Viuing is the first portable device based on TV technology which is simple, functional and disposable, and b[...]

  • Mailtrack

    Mailtrack is the only email tracking app with double-checks for Gmail.

  • Qubitia

    A fintech company focused on developing software for capital markets. We are based in Spain and our sales of[...]

  • Live to be
    Live to be

    Live to be is an app that wants people to enjoy food in a healthy way. A team specialized in technology and [...]

  • Startupxplore

    Startupxplore is the startup funding community connecting all players in the European startup ecosystem. It [...]

  • QaShops

    QaShops helps manufacturers and suppliers sell more, increasing their sales by publishing their catalog all [...]

  • Talent Clue
    Talent Clue

    Talent Clue is a recruitment software enabling companies to automate recruitment processes by publishing ope[...]

  • Clarive

    Clarive provides you with a Single-Tools DevOps solution that will support Development and Operations teams [...]

  • Play Giga
    Play Giga

    PlayGiga has developed the best-in-class Cloud Gaming Distribution Platform. PlayGiga is not only a Cloud ga[...]

  • 2014
  • Captio

    Captio, is a comprehensive solution that automates the management of business travel expenses. Captio capt[...]

  • Beroomers

    Beroomers is a market place for student accommodation that aims to centralize and channel this kind of accom[...]

  • ChicPlace

    ChicPlace is an e-commerce platform that brings together the most charming shops in Europe, offering origina[...]

  • Movintracks

    Movintracks is a new, cloud-based platform with which, for the first time, we can design interactive brand e[...]

  • Coinffeine

    Founded this year by four Spanish software engineers with international experience, Coinffeine is developing[...]

  • 2013
  • Jugo

    Jugo is a gamification platform oriented to personal and professional development. It has closed a funding [...]

  • VS Anywhere
    VS Anywhere

    VS Anywhere is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio which allows interactive, real time cooperation betw[...]

  • Mobincube

    Mobincube is a Valencia-based software and mobile application development startup. Its platform allows user[...]

  • The Mad Video
    The Mad Video

    The Mad Video is a startup that came about in Madrid in 2012 as a result of the talent and vision of Spanish[...]