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We live in a constantly evolving world driven mainly by innovation. But innovation will not take place without the generations currently in training.  
The Bankinter Innovation Foundation wants you to have a new perspective on the world upon your graduation, enabling you to solve a real problem with an innovative idea. That is, we want your college education to be a hands-on experience where you can apply what you have learnt in an innovative, multidisciplinary environment.

Through our program Akademia, we will get you in touch with our ecosystem of experts in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. Brilliant minds who will challenge you and change your perspective of the world, together with students from other degrees with whom you will share knowledge, perspectives and ideas. We want to give you the tools so that you can solve real problems by applying innovation and teamwork.

Will you take on the challenge?

Each Akademia course is made up one-hour sessions, facilitated by one of our experts. Each session will include exclusive materials, built on the contents of our think tank, the Future Trends Forum. We are positive that you will see new questions and answers opening up before you, and the opportunity to tackle them hands-on, empowered to think and consider matters from a different—and innovative—point of view. 
If you are enrolled in one of our partner universities, this challenge is for you. We are expecting you!


Akademia project´s universities

Akademia's commitment is focused on different types of training to develop creative thinking and problem solving with innovative responses that provide value. For this it has the collaboration of top Spanish universities, without which the Akademia project would not be possible.

Click here if you want to learn about our partner universities.

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