• Ciberseguridad

    XXV publication of the Future Trends Forum where analyze the challenges of cybersecurity in the global environment and pose a roadmap of 10 proposals to regulate and improve our cybersecurity.

  • Ángel Cabrera

    Ángel Cabrera explains the Foundation's mission and how our projects are working to encourage the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in Spain.

  • Chris Meyer: La Vanguardía de la innovación Corporativa

    Chris Meyer, founder of Nerve LLC and Bankinter Innovation Foundation trustee presents the latest trends of corporate innovation.


  • Cibersecurity- Executive Summary Cibersecurity- Executive Summary 05 May 2016

    Executive Summary of Cybersecurity: a global challenge" where the FTF experts analyze the challenges of c...

  • Cibersecurity Cibersecurity 05 May 2016

    XXV publication of the Future Trends Forum where analyze the challenges of cybersecurity in the global en...

Our programs are:

  • Future Trends Forum Future Trends Forum

    The Future Trends Forum is the only international, multidisciplinary think tank focused on innovation.

  • Akademia Akademia

    Akademia develops the innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes of Spanish students.

  • Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs support high potential Spanish entrepreneurs through early stage investment with Bankinter Capital Riesgo.

  • Cre100do.es Cre100do.es

    Cre100do.es promotes the growth of medium-size Spanish companies.

The only European foundation that pursues the creation of sustainable wealth trough innovation and entrepreneurship

Our Experts Opinion


  • Corporate surveillance 03 Dec 2015

    Corporate surveillance is how companies should deal with cybersecurity threats. Many companies use t...

  • Digital Identity 03 Dec 2015

    Identity fraud is very simple, it is necessary to work in authentication because it is now very easy...

  • Transparency & privacy 03 Dec 2015

    Transparency and privacy are 2 key and basic concepts for the development of a secure digital citize...


  • Brent Segal
    Brent Segal

    Chief Technologist

    Lockheed Martin Nanosystems

    Bethesda, Maryland


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  • Elvira Sanz
    Elvira Sanz


    Pfizer Spain



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  • Joseph Kvedar
    Joseph Kvedar


    Connected Health at Partners HealthCare



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